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SEO consulting services assist companies in positioning their Web sites as advantageously as possible in search engines. There are various strategies for achieving high search results rankings, but most strategies involve the acquisition of links from as many trusted sources as possible. Trust has become a widely recognized factor impacting search engines' ranking results and crawling methdologies.

Every Web site needs links in order to be crawled and validated by the search engines. When your site is validated, the search engine algorithms allow your site to rank more often for expressions relevant to your content. Validation is not a mystical experience. Nor is it denied to legitimate sites. The best way to describe validation is to say that the search engines want their robots (called crawlers) to find your Web site through links on pages they have already indexed from sites they already trust.

There are search engine optimization consultants who also believe that you must accumulate links to your Web site in order to achieve acceptable rankings. This is usually only true for queries where so much optimization has occurred that large link networks have been built up by the top sites. And some companies won't allow search optimizers to alter or add to the content on their Web pages. Many very good search optimization consultants refuse to take contracts with clients who won't accept changes to their Web pages. But those consultants who do accept these contracts are forced to work with links to build rankings.

Some SEO consultants now buy links from Web sites to bring crawlers to their client Web sites. The problem with buying links is that you really have no way of knowing which links will help boost your search results rankings. The search engines do not like purchased linkage and they devalue such links whenever they can.

SEO consulting services need to bring a broad selection of skills and options to the table for each client. Your needs are specific to your company and its place in its industry. You need to work with an SEO consultant who understands that cookie-cutter solutions do not provide optimal results. You don't want to pay monthly maintenance fees forever, but you also need to understand that many SEO campaigns require an investment of time and patience on your part. If you do not see some improvement in your search results within 3-6 months, you may be working with the wrong SEO consultant.

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